The greatest investment You will ever make is the investment You make in Youself

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My story start here !

Hi my name is Olaf Rutz and I'm age of 53 , I come from Germany in 2006 to Canada and was working in are Millwright level to end of 2014 , when the economy get hit very hard here in Canada I lost everything in 2015 , I struggle to survive but I try my best in many honest way to stay focus , all this take me to the point to change , March of 2017 I start in some business with nothing and work hard on my self to be one day are successful person in my business but still I have to work hard on my goals , I never give up on my dream to help everybody to get the right direction of success , only together we can change everything in a great way !

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Cash back and shopping points for all your purchases , you can double or triple your cash back when you use your credit card but still you can do it out with are credit card !

we have customer in 47 country and all our customer give us great feedback of this amazing business, we don't sale anything to our customer , our customer can sin up for FREE and use dear point card to go shopping , when you go shopping you get shopping points plus cash back and when you use you credit card you double you cash back what is amazing.

Olaf Rutz

amazing what our business do to help many many people over the world to get all this what the need, we sponsor teams in the International Soccer game,in the Formel 1, international Golf teams and soo much more , we very proud what we do to change many people live to are beautiful smile future.

Child Foundation

all the benifit you earn of helping many people to grow in are financial future you can be ready to enjoy you life.

enjoy vacation